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How do your stickers and labels need to be cut?

How do your stickers and labels need to be cut?

When ordering custom printed stickers and labels online there are some basic guidelines to follow to get accurate pricing and to get the end result you require. The sticker size, vinyl material type, lamination choice and the type of cutting you require if any, of the sticker or label are all factored into the price. Determining the shape of a decal is directly related to the look you are trying to achieve. There are three basic types of finishing options when it comes to the cut of your stickers Contour Cut (kiss cut), Die Cut (Through Cut) and Contour & Die Cut.

Most sign companies that offer digital stickers and labels or cut vinyl decals will usually incur an setup-charge depending on the complexity of the cut. So before you order stickers & labels online, take into consideration the type of cut you'll need, to achieve the look you desire.

contour cut stickers

Contour Cut or also known as Kiss Cut (This cuts through the vinyl sticker only not the backing paper and is supplied on a roll up to 1600mm wide)

This is by far the cheapest way to receive your stickers or labels. Contour cut Stickers and labels don't incur any extra charges . This type of cut is the least expensive and very popular for promotional stickers, labels or decals. Contour cut stickers and labels will either be printed on white or clear vinyl with other finishing options available for example gloss or matt lamination.

die cut stickers

Die Cut or also known as Through Cut (This cuts through the vinyl sticker and the backing paper)

requires more time to process and also wears out the blades and the cutting strip on the machines due to these factors there is a small extra charge for this option. With die cut stickers or labels you get your sticker or label as individual items (not on a roll).

contour and die cut sticker sheets

Contour and Die Cut (This is a combination of the other two type of cutting)

This type of cutting is extremely popular as it supplies manageable size sticker sheets with multiple stickers or labels per sheet that can be easily peeled off individually and any unused stickers and labels can be stored in an office drawer for future use.

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