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What material to choose for your PVC Banners

What material to choose for your PVC Banners

Banners are an affordable way of spreading your message in a well viewed area, but with different materials and a choice of weights. What’s right for your application?

PVC – the most common & cheapest material, 95% of printed banners are on standard PVC. it is flexible, waterproof, strong & lightweight material. Mesh – mesh, as the name suggests is a mesh, leaving small holes for air to pass through. approximately 70% surface  it’s ideal for windy areas where a standard PVC banner would act as a sail & rip from its fixings! also used for building wraps on scaffolding etc. On many banner materials you may find something like 440gsm banner material but what does this actually mean? Well, the 440gsm part refers to the weight: 440gsm = 440 grammes per square metre Grammes per square metre (GSM) is the standard way in which the quality of a material is measured.

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We currently print on 440gsm, 550gsm and 750gsm solid banner materials, we also print on a 270gsm mesh. Below is a brief run-down of these materials: 440gsm banner materials the standard and most commonly used material used for 90% of the banners printed today. This is suitable for a multitude of purposes and the most simple solution to a banner requirement.

Our 550gsm banner material is a little thicker and if you are looking to keep your banner for multiple uses, this would be a good choice.

Our 750gsm banner material has been developed specifically for double-sided use with a light-stop material in between. This prevents any show-through from the other side so is the perfect solution for double-sided banners. although it can actually be used single-sided as well this banner material is so strong we do not hem the 700gsm banner as standard but can at special request.

Our 270gsm Mesh PVC material is ideal for areas where a standard banner could be easily damaged by wind. The mesh banner material is porous which allows wind to pass through creating less stress on the banner itself. The mesh also allows a certain amount of light through so that when used on buildings, windows are not left completely darkened.

All of our Banners are supplied with a choice of finishing including Hems and Eyelets at no extra cost we can also add pole pockets if required to allow for each pole pocket please use the formula below:-

pole diameter x 2.5 + 30mm = (add this to each side of the banner you require a pole pocket)

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