digital signageDigital Signage can be used across many markets and applications, Digital signage can be used to create information signs instantly for example, sales promotion information, emergency warnings, directional information, brand building to name just a few. Our approach is
different to other digital suppliers, we look at the way the display is presented ensuring that the unit is in an attractive stand or located in the best position to ensure maximum effect. You will be guided through a process to ensure that you get a digital signage system that meets your needs now and gives you growth for the future whether it is for a single media player or a complete network solution with multiple screens.  So whatever type of digital advertising or electronic data you want to communicate we will take you step by step through the process helping you find a solution to meet your requirements.

Getting started in Digital Signage

  • Decide what you want to put on the screen? Advertisements’, special offers, property details, information updates and directional messages for example. The next thing you need to think about is what type of media you will be using. Is it still images with captions, videos, or live information from existing websites? Digital Signage can be used for so many applications within your business. Talk to several departments within your organisation and find out what they need to communicate.
  • Decide who is going to create the media (i.e. someone in the marketing department/advertising agency or the PA in the office.  Information can be created really easily and saved into a jpeg, PDF or another file format ready to up load at a click of a button. (It is very similar to using an iPod/iTunes – just drag and drop)
  • Think where you want the screens positioned, in the window, on the wall, above a counter, in a stair well, in the reception area. Make a list of all the locations you want to use the screens.
  • How big do you want the screen – think about the distance people will be standing from the screens.  If a person is standing close to the screen, it may not be necessary to purchase a huge screen.
  • Do you want the screen to be interactive – so that the client can select what they want to view?
  • Have you thought about how often the screen will be updated?  i.e. Hourly, daily or monthly.  It is important to think about this as this will help you to decide what system will be right for you requirements.
  • Do you want to update the screen remotely using a web based solution or are you happy to use a USB stick of compact flash card?
  • Do you want more than one screen at a single location or multiple locations? Will you be starting with one screen and then adding additional screens at a later date?  Do you want to start with a media player and upgrade it to a network solution at a later date?

” What we recognise of course is this market is just starting, but it has a huge potential”

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